Lower Paral bridge opening delayed, deadline pushed again

The deadline for Lower Parel bridge has been postponed again. The bridge is planned to be completed in the month of April in collaboration with Mumbai Metropolitan Municipality (MCGM) and Western Railway (WESTERN RAILWAY). But as the work has stopped, now it is said that the bridge will be completed after monsoon.

The work within the city limits is going on through the municipality and now it is said that the bridge will start in the month of October after monsoon.

The bridge was closed for traffic in August 2018 after an audit by Mumbai IIT and Railways found it unsafe. After the collapse of the pedestrian walkway of the Gokhale bridge near Andheri station of the Western Railway, a safety audit of all railway bridges was conducted. After that this bridge is declared dangerous.

That bridge has also been closed for the construction of Gokhale Bridge. Now the dead line of Lower Paral Bridge has been pushed forward, causing a lot of trouble for motorists and pedestrians.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation officials had earlier said that the bridge’s NM If the approach road near Joshi Marg had been handed over by the Railways to us by October 1, 2022, the work would have been completed by April.

Municipality Commissioner Eqbas Chahal has said while talking to the newspaper Mide that the work of Lower Paral bridge has been completed sixty percent in the budget and its entire work will be completed after monsoon.

The August 2022 internal report of the municipality attributed the delay in the bridge to the delay in laying the girder by the Western Railway. G.K. Solid ramp on road and N.M. The north approach section on Joshi Marg has been constructed.

Railways have demolished the old formwork and installed new web girders on the railway tracks. Western Railway launched the first girder in June 2022 last year and the second girder in September. The railway has handed over the approach land on the east side to the municipality on October 4.

This place was taken over by the railways for laying girders. The municipality has completed the work of both the approach lands before October 2022. And the work of approach land on the east side has been started by the municipality four months ago. So this work will be completed by October.

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