Actress Urvashi Dholakia’s car met with an accident, while going for the shoot

New Delhi. Actress Urvashi Dholakia’s car has met with an accident. She narrowly survived the accident. On Saturday, Urvashi Dholakia was going in her car for shooting at the film studio located on Mira Road. Meanwhile, in Kashimira, a school bus carrying children hit Urvashi Dholakia’s car from behind.


It is being said that this collision was quite tremendous. However, the staff including the actress narrowly escaped. As of now, Urvashi has not filed a case against the school bus driver in the police station. Urvashi says it was just an accident. Fans need not worry. The doctor has advised him to rest for a few days.

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Who is Urvashi Dholakia?
Urvashi Dholakia is a well-known heroine of the TV world. He won the hearts of the audience not by being a lead character, but by being a villain. This ‘Komolika’ was seen on the screen. The name of the serial was ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’. It was from here that his career started taking off. After this Urvashi Dholakia was also seen on the screen in the avatar of ‘Naagin’. Urvashi appeared in the role of Villain in ‘Naagin 6’.

Urvashi's car photo

Urvashi remained in discussions not only from her professional front but also about her personal life. It is said that Urvashi got married at the age of 16. When Urvashi was 17 years old, she gave birth to twin sons. Both were named Sagar and Kshitij. Urvashi separated from her husband only after two years of marriage. Got divorced. After this Urvashi never married. Nor ever thought of second marriage.

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However, Urvashi’s name was associated with actor Anuj Sachdeva. Both also dated each other for some time, but later they broke up. Urvashi was also seen in ‘Nach Baliye’ with Anuj. After this, Urvashi’s name was also associated with an industrialist, but in an interview, the actress called this a rumour.

school bus

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Urvashi lost weight
There was news in between that Urvashi had put on a lot of weight when she was at home due to lack of work. But then when the sons inspired her for weight loss, Urvashi worked hard to lose weight. She used to go for walk every evening. Apart from this, she also started taking full care of diet. Urvashi had reduced a lot of weight in a few months. Today Urvashi is considered very glamorous heroine in real life. It seems unlikely that she is the mother of two young sons.

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