Prank Video: Son did a terrible prank with his father, users are in bad condition laughingly, watch video

New Delhi. Prank Viral Video: Many such videos are seen on social media. In which people are seen joking with each other and having fun with friends. Often people play pranks with their friends. Seeing whose videos, users are unable to control their laughter. Recently, a similar prank video has surfaced on social media, after seeing which the faces of the users are seen blooming.


In a video that has surfaced on social media, a child plays a scary prank on his father. During which the child’s father also gets scared for some time. In such a situation, this video is fast attracting the attention of the users. Which users are increasingly seen sharing with their friends. At the same time, everyone is calling the child brave enough to prank the father in this way.

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son pranked with father
In the prank video going viral, a man is seen sitting on a throne, in front of whom his son is seen pressing his shirt. During this, the child pretends to get burnt after touching the press, then he forgets to keep the press on his shirt. Seeing whom the father scolds him and asks him to keep it on a cardboard. During this, when the child keeps the press there, it falls on the feet of his father.

Great prank 😂😂

— Extreme LoL (@Extremelol_) February 2, 2023

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Users liked the video
Thinking the press is hot, the father jumps up and goes back. After this, when the father touches the press, he comes to know that his son has played a prank. He starts laughing at this. At the same time, seeing the person jumping in the video, the users are not able to control their laughter. At present the video is becoming increasingly viral. Which has got more than 4 lakh 83 thousand views and more than 16 thousand likes on social media till the news is written.

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