BEST’s shock to Mumbaikars, 18 percent electricity rate hike proposal

Mumbaikars who are suffering due to inflation are likely to get another blow soon. BEST has proposed an 18 percent increase in electricity tariff. Hence, the electricity bills of Mumbaikars are likely to increase from April.

BEST has sent a proposal for the Mumbai Electricity Bill Increase to the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC). A decision is likely to be taken soon.

What is the electricity rate of BEST at present?

0 to 100 units
Current Rate : 2 Rupees 93 Paise

Best has proposed a price hike of up to 18% for domestic customers up to 100 units. While from 101 to 300 units, a price hike of 6% is proposed. So 301 to 500 units and beyond that there is a possibility of increase in electricity price up to 2 percent.

A few days ago, Adani Electricity and Tata Power had proposed a hike in electricity rates. In addition to that, BEST has also suggested a price hike. So there are signs that Mumbaikars will have to bear the brunt of inflation (Mumbai Electricity Increase).

According to the proposal submitted by BEST to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, there is relief for shops, offices and other commercial establishments. BEST has proposed a 6 percent tariff reduction for these electricity consumers. If the Maharashtra State Electricity Regulatory Commission accepts this proposal, Mumbaikars will face inflation.

In the city of Mumbai, electricity is supplied through BEST and Tata Power Company. So, in Mumbai suburbs, electricity is supplied by Adani Power, Tata Power and in some areas by Mahavitran. Electricity is supplied to Bhandup, Mulund by Mahavitran. A hearing will be held before the Electricity Regulatory Commission after the proposal is submitted regarding the electricity tariff hike. After this hearing, the final tariff hike will be announced by the Electricity Regulatory Commission.

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