As the tremors of defeat began to set in, the BJP has started a Hindu-Muslim domination game, criticism from ‘Samana’

Shiv Sena has targeted BJP on the basis of Hindu Jan Awach Morcha. When the tremors of defeat start to set in, the BJP starts its dictation game. Even now they have started the Hindu-Muslim game.

Hindus chose the area of ​​Shiv Sena Bhavan to express their outrage. It means only one thing, even today Shiv Sena and Shiv Sena Bhavan is the only and last hope for all Hindus. Therefore, their grievances will definitely be justified.

Everyone has ‘love’ for Shiv Sena and ‘jihad’ against the hypocritical Hindu government of Delhi. Therefore, his outcry against ‘Love Jihad’ is also important. Shiv Sena Bhavan will certainly take heed of the outcry of the Hindus, even if the powerful Hindu superpower has turned a deaf ear. This is also said in the match.

Hindu public outcry marches and agitations are just a form of covering up one’s own insignificance. There is a strong Hindutva government in Maharashtra and at the centre. Then how come your Hindutva is in danger? For the last eight years, Modi-Shah’s Ram Rajya has been running at the center and their own people say that this state is the heaven of Hindus. Even so, it is surprising that Hindus should take out ‘Akrosh Morcha’.

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