Creepy end of love, married woman fell in love with neighbor, dead bodies found in this condition – dead bodies of lover couple found floating in water in barmer of rajasthan lclp

In Rajasthan’s Barmer, the bodies of a young man and a woman were found floating in a tanka (a large pit of water). Clothes and shoes of both were lying nearby. As soon as this information was received, there was a stir in the area. When the police started investigation and inquiry on the information, a shocking revelation came to light.

Significantly, Lilaram, a resident of Motisara village, reached his farm. Here he felt the stench from the water tank. On going near, he saw some clothes and slippers. There were two dead bodies inside the stitches. He informed the sarpanch and the police about the incident. The police reached the spot, investigated and called the families of both.

Due to being old for many days, the dead bodies were swollen and rotten. In such a situation, with the help of JCB, the upper part of the stitches was broken. After this the bodies were taken out. Police has sent the dead bodies for postmortem.

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The married woman was missing since November 13
It has been revealed in the information received from the police that on November 14, the missing of the married woman was registered. In this, the relatives were told that on November 13, Channi’s wife Vishnaram Sindhari, married to her in-laws, had left the house, who did not return. In the report, the relatives had expressed doubt on a young man named Jogaram.

In this case, the police had also sent teams from Hyderabad to Bangalore to find the married woman and the young man, but no clue was found. Police and family members were continuously searching. Now after 13 days the bodies of both have been found floating in the water. It is being told that Jogaram used to work in Hyderabad, but was in the village for some time. Jogaram also went missing along with the married woman.

Sindhari police station officer Surendra Kumar told that the dead bodies of the missing married woman and the young man have been found. On the basis of the report of the family members, postmortem will be done and action will be taken according to the rules.

Government stitches are becoming suicide points
In the rural areas of Rajasthan’s Barmer district, most suicides are coming to the fore by jumping into tanks. Till now dozens of people have committed suicide in stitches. The biggest thing is that these tanks have been built under government schemes.

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