Young man fatally attacked girl for opposing molestation in Bihar Kaimur district lclp

In Bihar’s Kaimur district, a young man fatally attacked a girl for protesting against molestation. The seriously injured girl has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. On the other hand, the police, which reached the complaint, is engaged in the investigation of the case.

In a village of Mohania police station area, a young man was harassing a girl for many days. On Thursday, he entered the house and started molesting her. On protesting, he stabbed several times with a knife.

Hearing the screams, the girl’s sister-in-law came running, but the fearless young man kept attacking the girl with a knife. Meanwhile, he also slit his own throat. In a hurry, the villagers took Mohania to the sub-division hospital for treatment.

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entered the girl’s house from the roof

Mohania Police Station President Lalan Kumar told that both are residents of the same village. The houses of both are also opposite to each other. The boy had entered the girl’s house from the roof. After this he attacked. Meanwhile, he also slit his own throat.

filed a complaint against the boy

Told that the family members of the girl have given a complaint against the boy. The police is investigating the matter. The name of the accused boy is Bhola Yadav.

stabbed with a knife

The girl’s mother says, “I had gone outside the house to mow grass for the goat. Meanwhile, the boy came and molested the girl and injured her with a knife”.

love affair between the two

On the other hand, the boy’s father Lalan says, “The love affair was going on between the two for 2 years. The people of the girl’s side also knew about it. I was working towards Kali Mandir, 2 km east of the village, when People called and gave information. After that I reached the hospital”.

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