Wife returned from neighboring country after 3 years, died soon after meeting her husband! – wife dies on day she reunites with husband after 3 years praised for organ donations tstsb

A man fell in love with a girl from a neighboring country. Both got married. But after a few months of marriage, they got stuck in their respective countries. For 3 years both of them could not meet each other. And now when the husband and wife met, the wife died on the very day of the meeting.

The woman’s name is Nick. She was 30 years old. She was a resident of Russia. Nick married 38-year-old Ouyang, a resident of China. They both met for the first time in the year 2018 in China. Then both of them used to work in the music industry. The couple got married in April 2019. After this, the couple went to Russia to meet Nick’s mother in September.

Ouyang soon returned to China after meeting Nick’s mother. After a few months, Nick also had to return to China. But due to the Kovid lockdown, both of them got stuck in their respective countries. And could not go to meet each other. Finally, at the end of October this year, both of them met again.

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Oyang said- We kept crying for five minutes and kept hugging each other. I was very happy. But then while returning home, a painful accident happened on the way.

Oyang told that they were going through the expressway. Then the wife started having difficulty in breathing. He immediately took Nick to a nearby hospital. Nick had a cardiac arrest. Doctors said that there is no chance of his survival. But Ouyang did not lose courage, he took his wife to another hospital 150 kilometers away. He said – she went into a coma. She could not even utter a word.

Ouyang said that his wife had health problems since childhood. He said that while coming to China, the wife’s health started deteriorating in the flight itself. Oyang told that after the death both of them had decided to donate the organ. That’s why after Nick’s death, his organs were donated. Nick is also being praised a lot for this decision.

Oyang said- My wife loved me very much. She loved me so much that she came to China to meet me risking her life.

Even on Chinese social media, people became very emotional with Nick’s story. One user wrote – I hope there will be love in heaven for this woman. Another wrote – Chinese people will not be able to forget you. The third wrote – What a painful story. This ending is very difficult to accept.

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