Why does Kolkata Police wear white uniform? This is the reason – kolkata police white uniform reason weather heat know more lbse

Why Do Kolkata Police Wear A White Uniform: There is police in every state for the safety of the common citizen. You must have seen that in the country the color of police uniform is khaki. But on the other hand, you must have seen Kolkata Police in white uniform. Have you ever wondered why the color of Kolkata Police uniform is not khaki like other states?

Actually, this color of the Kolkata Police uniform was introduced by the British. It is not that there is no concrete reason or reason behind this white uniform. That reason is related to the weather of Kolkata. Let us know why the color of the uniform was kept white due to the weather of Kolkata.

white color to protect from heat
Kolkata is situated on the seashore. It is hot and humid here throughout the year. That’s why the color of the uniform was kept white. Actually, the sunlight collides on the white color and goes back, due to which the feeling of heat is reduced. The color of the uniform was kept white so that the Kolkata Police did not feel too hot and did not face any problem.

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Why is there a khaki uniform?
The color of khaki uniform was also decided by the British. In the year 1847, the color of the police uniform was made khaki. Earlier the color of all the police uniforms was white.

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