Why did you kill, where did you throw the body parts and weapons… These 50 questions were asked to Aftab in the polygraph test – Shraddha Murder Case aftab undergoes marathon polygraph test delhi police asked these question ntc

The Delhi Police, accused in the Shraddha murder case, was subjected to a polygraphy test for about 8 hours on Thursday. The second round of Aftab’s polygraphy test started at 12 noon. Around 40-50 questions were asked from him. Many questions were asked about what happened from Aftab to Shraddha dating to murder. Not only this, Aftab was also asked whether Aftab had murdered Shraddha under a conspiracy.

Which questions were asked to Aftab?

Aftab was asked many questions during the polygraphy test. Aftab was also questioned about his childhood and friends. He was asked what happened that he killed Shraddha? Did he kill Shraddha as part of a conspiracy, or was it in the heat of the movement, as he said in court?

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Aftab was asked when he started dating Shraddha. What happened from dating till the murder? Why did he decide to dispose of Shraddha’s body in such a manner? Not only this, he was also asked which weapons he used in the murder. Where did he hide the weapons and where did he throw the body parts. Apart from this, many more questions were asked, from which more evidence could be collected in the case of Shraddha. According to sources, Aftab is cooperating during the investigation.

When will be the narco test?

According to sources, Aftab may be called for polygraphy test on Friday as well. Aftab’s medical test will be done after the polygraphy test is done. Aftab’s narco test will be done only after this medical report comes.

5 knives recovered from Aftab’s flat

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Delhi Police has recovered 5 knives from Aftab’s Mehrauli flat. Delhi Police claims that Aftab has also used them to cut the dead body after Shraddha’s murder. According to sources, Delhi Police has found 5 knives from Aftab’s flat. All these have been sent to the forensic lab for investigation. So that it becomes clear whether they have been used to cut Shraddha’s dead body or not.

Aftab cut Shraddha into 35 pieces

After taking a flat in Delhi’s Mehrauli, there was a fight between the two on May 18 as well. Aftab claimed that Shraddha was pressurizing him for marriage. There was a fight on this matter. After this, Aftab killed Shraddha by strangling her. His dead body was cut into 35 pieces and kept in the fridge for several days. He used to go every night to throw one piece of the dead body in Mehrauli forest. He did this for 20 days. He continued to live in the same flat even after Shraddha’s murder. He continued to run Shraddha’s social media account. Along with this, he also transferred Rs 54,000 from Shraddha’s account.

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