Sometimes stones were thrown, sometimes a bundle of notes flew, is Akshara Singh becoming a controversy queen? – Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh Controversy From Fake MMS Video to Faraar Poster tmovb

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is in headlines these days for many reasons. Every day some or the other news comes regarding Akshara Singh. Sometimes posters of absconding appear in front of the actress’s house, and sometimes she leaves the show. After all, what is the reason that on seeing this, the life of the actress seems to be related to the controversy.

Controversy related to Akshara Singh
Akshara Singh is a big name of Bhojpuri cinema. The films and music videos of the actress make a splash as soon as they are released. There is no doubt that Akshara has achieved a big position in the industry on the basis of her talent. But it is also true that many controversies are also being associated with them. Today we look at these controversies related to the actress.

-Fake MMS video viral
A few months ago a video went viral on social media. This video was shared on the internet as MMS of Akshara Singh. But the viral video turned out to be a fake MMS in the name of Akshara Singh. The fake MMS case had just settled down when a new controversy related to the actress came to the fore.

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absconding posters outside the house
In the same month, in November, the police had put up absconding posters outside Akshara Singh’s house. This matter was of 2021. During this, Akshara joined Bahubali Munna Shukla’s party. There was firing in Munna Shukla’s party. In this case, a non-bailable warrant was issued against Akshara Singh. Due to this, the police had put an advertisement of absconding outside the house of the actress. However, Akshara had told through social media posts that she has not absconded anywhere. She is doing her work carelessly.

– stones lying in the program
Not only this, in November itself, Akshara Singh reached Badlapur in Jaunpur for the two-day ‘Badlapur Mahotsav’. The fans were hopeful that he would enjoy his performance. But this did not happen and many people started pelting stones at the programme. On this, Akshara had said that the police had advised her to return from the stage in view of her safety. Means here also the program of Akshara remained incomplete.

Show left in the middle
Recently Akshara Singh was performing in an event. During this, a person started throwing wads of notes at Akshara Singh. Akshara did not like the person’s behavior at all. After this she stopped the performance in the middle and went back. Akshara’s move got a lot of support on social media.

Looking at these controversies that took place in a month or two, it seems that now Akshara Singh has also become a controversy queen. Wherever she goes. Controversy ensues. Now someone is doing this intentionally to defame Akshara Singh or these things are just a coincidence. Who else can tell about this better than Akshara.

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