Shraddha Walker Murder Case: ‘Now Drishyam-2 has come’, vicious person giving such answers to questions, Aftab’s body language surprising police – Shraddha Walker Murder Case Aftab body language surprising police vicious person giving such answers questions ntc

Shraddha Walker’s murder mystery is still unsolved. The police is making all efforts to get the accused Aftab to reveal the truth. The exercise of polygraph test is also being done, but the vicious Golmol is giving only ambiguous answers. If Delhi Police sources are to be believed, Aftab is lying continuously. This case is now progressing like a film story.

Actually, some time back a film came Drishyam. Even in that film, the murder is so neatly shielded from the eyes of the police. Everything is in front, but nothing is visible. On the same lines, now the Shraddha murder case seems to be going on. Because this case has also confused the police.

Vicious giving such answers to the police

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Shatir Aftab has given answers in English to some questions asked in Hindi. He has answered most of the questions in one or two lines. He just kept smiling on many questions. Aftab was asked- Have you seen the film Drishyam, then his answer was- Now Drishyam-2 has come. In response to many questions, he simply said that he does not remember.

Aftab is lying continuously!

A question was being asked repeatedly to Aftab whether he had killed Shraddha suddenly in anger or had planned it after thinking carefully. If Delhi Police sources are to be believed, Aftab is continuously lying on this question and from here the police is almost convinced that Aftab did not kill Shraddha suddenly, but he was plotting the murder of Shraddha for a long time.

What did the police write in the remand letter?

At the same time, in front of the court, the police had written in its remand letter that the police had received a note from Aftab, in which he used to keep all the accounts of the pieces of the dead body. That is, he used to write in a note about which part of the dead body he kept where.

The body language of the accused is looking absolutely normal

So far, whenever Aftab has been seen in this murder case, looking at his body language, it does not appear from anywhere that he is a bit upset or nervous in front of the police, rather his body language They have definitely deepened the force on the forehead. Delhi Police is surprised to see Aftab because he seems relaxed, his body language seems absolutely normal.

What was asked to Aftab in the polygraph test?

The first part of polygraphy was completed on Thursday. The expert had asked Aftab these important questions related to the case.

Why killed Shraddha?
With which weapon did you kill Shraddha?
-Cut the body manually or some other way?
– Didn’t feel pity at all while breaking Shraddha?
Where were the pieces of Shraddha’s body thrown?
What did you do after killing Shraddha?
Where’s the murder weapon?
Shraddha was brought under the planning to kill Delhi?
Regret killing Shraddha?

Aftab showing attitude like vicious miscreants

In the investigation so far, it has become clear that Aftab is showing an attitude like a very clever miscreant. Perhaps all these things are not new to him in any way, because he seems mentally prepared for all these things.

On Friday, the police reached FSL with Aftab. Here his polygraph test will be done. Before this, Aftab’s medical examination will be done first. If Aftab’s health is fine, then the process of polygraph will be taken forward.

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