Scotch, single malt, bourbon, blended…, what do these names on whiskey bottles mean? – single malt blended bourbon know difference names whiskey all you need to know lbsf

Generally people prefer its brand or price while buying whiskey. However, many such information is printed on its bottle, which these people ignore even after reading. This information is related to the quality of the wine and the method of making it. Even those who do not drink alcohol, in their daily life, they keep hearing about common colloquial words like ‘single malt’, ‘blended’, ‘scotch’, ‘bourbon’ etc., but do not bother to know their meaning. Do not pick up Staying away from alcohol is a very good thing but not from the information related to it. Let us know some very common but very interesting things related to whiskey.

So many types of whiskey! what is vertigo
Whiskey is such a liquor, in which grains like barley, wheat, maize, wheat are prepared by passing through the process of fermentation and subsequent distillation. Whiskey is the most accepted alcoholic drink in the whole world. The intensity of alcohol in this is generally 40-42 percent. There are more than one type of whiskey, which is difficult to remember at once. However, they can be classified mainly in two ways. One based on the method of making and one based on the production area. Production area ie in which country or region the whiskey is made. There is also an interesting fact related to whiskey that its spelling also changes depending on the country and region. For example, in Scotland, Canada, Japan or India it is spelled ‘whisky’ but whiskey made in Ireland and America is spelled ‘whiskey’.

what does scotch bourbon mean
Scotch is the most common and popular type of whiskey classified by region. In addition to a specific process of preparation, for a whiskey to be called Scotch, it is necessary that it was made in Scotland. Similarly, whiskey prepared in Ireland is called IRISH WHISKEY. Bourbon is a type of whiskey depending on the region. That is, the whiskey that is prepared in a special area of ​​the Kentucky region of America can be called bourbon. Similar to this is another Tennessee whiskey. It got its name because it was prepared in the Tennessee region of America. Similarly, whiskey made in Japan and Canada is called Japanese whiskey and Canadian whiskey.

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What is the difference between single malt and blended whiskey?
Depending on the way whiskey is made, it can be mainly of three types. The first grain whiskey (GRAIN WHISKY) means the liquor in which maize or wheat or both have been used to make it. At the same time, single malt whiskey (SINGLE MALT WHISKY) is the most premium variety. It is produced in a single distillery only and only one type of grain is used to make it. This type of whiskey is mostly made in Scotland. The whole world is fond of the flavor of single malt, that’s why they are very expensive. The third type of whiskey is called BLENDED WHISKY. Blended ie in which single malt whiskey, grain whiskey and other types of whiskey are mixed. Since grain whiskeys are cheap and single malts are expensive, the two are usually mixed to produce a whiskey of slightly better quality at a relatively lower cost. A lot of blended whiskey is also prepared in India.

What is the difference between Scotch and other whiskeys in the world?
To prepare Scotch whisky, it is kept in casks made of oak wood for at least 3 years. There are also casks in which some other wine has been kept earlier. At the same time, unlike Scotch, other whiskeys are kept in simple white oak casks. Generally only one grain barley i.e. malted barley is used in making Scotch. At the same time, many types of grains such as barley, wheat, maize are used to make other whiskeys. Unlike ordinary whiskies, Scotch has very complex flavors mixed with dried fruits, vanilla, caramel and smoke. They are very smooth to drink and relatively expensive too. Wine experts recommend drinking it straight neat without mixing anything.

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