Sale of about 500 million WhatsApp numbers in 84 countries, hackers looking for the right customers – WhatsApp Number For Sale Hackers Selling Active Users WhatsApp Data Leak ttec

Have you ever thought that someone can sell your WhatsApp number too? People’s attention is very less on this aspect of cyber world, but where there is less attention, criminals are active there. The data base of about 500 million WhatsApp numbers is on sale these days. Cybercriminals are looking for the right customers for these numbers.

According to the report of Cyber ​​News, an ad was posted on a popular hacking community forum on 16 November. The person who posted this ad claimed that he has 487 million WhatsApp numbers. This data base is of the year 2022 and the WhatsApp numbers present in it are active.

Data of users from 84 countries is included

According to the report, 84 countries are in the database. whatsapp users Number of is included. Those who posted the ad claim that there are numbers of about 32 million American users in this database. Apart from this, a large part is of Egyptian users.

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According to the report, there are 45 million users in Egypt, 35 million users in Italy, 29 million users in Saudi Arabia, 20 million users in France and 20 million users in Turkey.

Apart from this, the data base has phone numbers of 10 million Russian users and 11 million UK users. The number of monthly active global users on WhatsApp has crossed 2 billion. Hackers have also shared a sample of this data base with CyberNews researchers. In this sample, 1097 numbers are from UK and 817 numbers are from US users.

All numbers belong to active WhatsApp users

Researchers have also cross checked these numbers and all of them are present on WhatsApp. The seller has not told from where he got these numbers. According to the report, the seller has confirmed that all these numbers belong to active users. So far no statement has come from Meta in this matter.

It may happen that the seller has collected users’ data through scraping. Meta has been opposing third parties for scraping or collecting data for a long time. These leaked numbers can be used in marketing, phishing or other works. This data set can also be used in ever-increasing online frauds.

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