Rahu Gochar: Rahu will change its course in 2023, these zodiac signs will be benefited

Rahu Transit: According to astrology, Rahu and Ketu are called shadow and elusive planets. Astrology says that the change of Rahu-Ketu in the planets is considered very important. The planets Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion and transit through zodiac signs in a year and a half. In the year 2023, Rahu will enter Pisces after changing its zodiac sign on 30 October. Before this, Rahu will be sitting in Aries till 30th October. According to Vedic astrology, ‘Each transit has a positive or negative effect on zodiac signs’. Let us know for which zodiac signs this transit of Rahu will be very auspicious in October 2023.


Rahu will move out of Aries and enter Pisces from October 30 next year. In such a situation, this time will be good for the natives of this zodiac. New opportunities will be created for Aries people in every field. Relations with friends will be strong. There will be promotion in the job. Those doing business will be of great benefit. Health will be good. There will be economic benefit. Students will get progress. This time will be good for investment. The year 2023 will be beneficial for Aries people.


Old stalled works of Gemini people will be completed. There will be an increase in respect in the society. There is a possibility of progress in the workplace as well. Due to the transit of Rahu, the people of Gemini will get financial benefits. During this, many big expenses may also come in front of them. Time will be beneficial for business. You can get promotion in the job. Can participate in Manglik program.


Responsibility will increase in career. New avenues of income will open and you will not be short of money. Work will be completed with the help of friends and relatives. There are chances of getting progress. Success will be achieved in the workplace. Money can be received suddenly. You will get the result of hard work. Chances of traveling abroad are being made. Take special care of health. For those who are thinking of starting a new business, this time is also good for them.


Rahu’s retrograde motion in Aries will increase your influence. All the work will be done on the basis of self-confidence. Money will be beneficial. The economic condition will be strong. There can be a big opportunity in career. Can go on a trip. Your position in the job will become even stronger. This time is also going to be good for the students. Investing in the stock market at this time is considered most beneficial. You will get success in matters related to court and court. Will overpower your opponents.


Pisces is going to get the biggest benefit from the transit of Rahu in October 2023. Money will be received at this time. In whatever field you put your hand, there you will get success. The luck of Pisces people will prevail. At this time one has to be aware of health related problems. Relations with the family will be strong. There will be an increase in confidence.

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