Rabi crops sowing farmers can get 3 lakh rupees loan on less interest though kisan credit card lbsa

The number of small-marginal farmers is more in the country. These farmers take loans from moneylenders for sowing crops. Then they have to pay heavy interest to repay this loan. During this, they suffer a lot financially. At present, sowing of Rabi crops has started. Along with this, their struggle to get financial help for sowing the crop has also started.

How much interest will the farmers have to pay on taking the loan

To reduce this problem of the farmers, the central government has been launching many schemes. The beginning of the Kisan Credit Card Scheme was also started to make farming easier. Under this scheme, farmers get loans up to Rs 3 lakh. 7 percent interest is charged on this loan. In this, subsidy is given by the government at 1.5 percent. 3% interest subvention is given on repaying this loan on time. The farmer has to pay only 4 percent interest for this loan up to 3 lakhs. At the same time, farmers can take loans up to one lakh 60 thousand without any mortgage.

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What types of loans are available from Kisan Credit Card?

Loan on Kisan Credit Card for Crop, Farm Operating, Farm Ownership Loan, Agri Business, Dairy Plus Scheme, Broiler Plus Scheme, Horticulture Loan, Farm Storage Facilities and Warehousing Loan, Minor Irrigation Scheme, Land Purchase Scheme etc. can take. For this, the minimum age of farmers has been kept at 18 years, while the maximum age must be 75 years.

This is how you can apply for the loan

If you have a Kisan Credit Card, you can contact the nearest branch of banks related to this scheme. If you do not have a Kisan Credit Card, then first of all you have to go to the official website of the bank where Kisan Credit Card is given. Here you will see the option of Kisan Credit Card Apply. Fill all the details sought carefully, then submit the application. It takes three to four working days to process the application. After the credit card issue, go to the nearest bank and apply for the loan. Let the farmers know that through State Bank of India, Bank of India, Axis Bank, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), you get loan on Kisan Credit Card.

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