One video call and life ruined! Sextortion WhatsApp Video Call Suicide Exposes Rajasthan Sex Video Extortion Racket ttec

In the recent past, the cases of sextortion have increased rapidly. You must be finding this word new, but someone you know may also have been a victim of this type of crime. In one such case, the police has made a shocking disclosure. In Rajasthan, almost an entire village was engaged in this type of cybercrime.

What is sextortion?

Actually, cyber fraudsters trap people in conversations on online platforms in some way. In most cases women are used to target men.

At the same time, there are many cases in which WhatsApp But the game is played by an unknown video call. As soon as a person gets trapped in their trap, the person sitting on the other end of the call makes objectionable videos of the user.

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In some cases, a morph video is created with the help of a picture of the users. Then they are blackmailed. Scammers threaten to make the video viral. Even if someone gives money, this phase of blackmailing does not end here. Rather it goes on. This whole game is called Sextortion.

Suicide and investigation started again

Pune Police has arrested a 29-year-old man from Rajasthan. This person was arrested in a case related to Sextortion. In Pune, a 19-year-old youth committed suicide due to alleged sextortion. According to the police, the fraudsters were constantly blackmailing and harassing the victim.

The young man had committed suicide on 28 September. In this case related to sextortion, the young man had earlier given Rs 4500 to the fraudsters, but the process of blackmailing does not end here. In this case, the police has made a shocking disclosure.

‘Maya Jaal’ spread in this village of Rajasthan

Abhay Mahajan, senior police inspector of Dattwadi police station, said, ‘In the investigation of this case, we reached Gothri Guru village of Alwar in Rajasthan. Where we arrested Anwar Suban Khan. Investigation revealed that a sextortion racket is going on in the entire village, whose mastermind is Anwar.

Police investigation revealed that most of the youth and women of the village are involved in online sextortion. According to cyber police officials, from January this year to October 2022, a total of 1445 cases have been reported in Pune, in which the victims have been blackmailed and harassed.

In this case, cyber criminals use women to target men. The official said that in such cases, criminals find their targets on instant messaging platforms.

Attractive DP is used to trap people in their trap. Cyber ​​police has warned people about unknown video calls and conversations with unknown people on instant messaging platforms.

What should you do if this happens to you?

In most of such cases, people do not talk to anyone for fear of defamation. Very few such cases reach even the police. As soon as a person’s picture comes in the morph sex video, he first of all wants to get out of it by doing anything. Even if he has to pay money to the scammers for this.

It is here that the person gets trapped in the trap of scammers. Not only this, some people get so scared that they even delete their social media accounts. Scammers know this situation of people and they take advantage of it only. If you also get caught in such a case, then first of all keep yourself calm.

You need to be careful to save yourself from any such case. First of all, you should not get trapped in any unknown video calls or profiles.

Even if such an incident ever happens to you, do not fall into the trap of giving money to scammers. Rather, inform the police about this whole matter and do not answer the incoming calls of blackmailing, block them. Only your caution can save you from scammers.

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