Noida: Violent kicking in Hyde Park Society in Sector 78 Noida lcln

The ruckus in the residential societies of Noida is not taking its name. In the Hyde Park Society located in Sector-78, once again a case of fight has come to the fore regarding the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) elections. The people of the society have alleged that the people of the old AOA team have assaulted the residents. At present, Police Station Sector-113 has reached the spot and pacified the matter.

According to Janakari, Pushpendra, who was the secretary in the old AOA team, reached the house of Tarun Bhardwaj, a resident of the society, with some other people and started abusing and fighting. Others came to the rescue, after which they were also assaulted. In this fight, a resident Amit has suffered a serious injury.

According to the residents of the society, the old AOA team had formed the AOA last days without declaring itself victorious in the elections. The people of the society created a ruckus about this and formed a new team after re-electing the AOA. To avenge the same, the people of the old AOA team are continuously harassing the residence.

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Please tell that even before this, such incidents have happened 4-5 times in Hyde Park Society. Recently last month, when the general meeting was organized in the society after the formation of the new AOA team, during that time there was a clash between the old and new AOA team members, in which sticks and sticks were used fiercely.

This time again a similar ruckus has happened in the society. After today’s fight, the people of the society had come on the road. At present, the residents reached the Sector 113 Police Society and talked about the whole matter. People have given a written complaint to the police. At the same time, the police have sent the injured to the medical residence and have started taking further action.

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