Meenakshi Lekhi told how mountains of garbage were formed in Delhi, 70 percent of garbage is being destroyed with new technology

The stirring of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections is fast. In such a situation, to whom the people of Delhi will give their blessings, only time will tell, but before that, to understand the political mood of the state, Aaj Tak has organized a program ‘MCD Panchayat’, in which BJP leader and Union Minister of State Meenakshi Lekhi participated. During this, he told how the mountains of garbage were made in Delhi and who is responsible for it?

How did the mountains of garbage become in Delhi?

On the question of removing the mountain of garbage, Meenakshi Lekhi said that the work of removing the mountain of garbage has started. Today the mountain of garbage has reduced by 20 meters in Delhi. He said that why the mountain of garbage is formed, it has to be understood. People do not separate their wet waste and dry waste. Secondly, the mountain of garbage was not built in two to four days, but it has happened in 70 years. Due to the arrangements made in Delhi for 70 years, mountains of garbage have been created.

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The Union Minister said that we have now come into administration. All the developed cities around the world used to have landfill sites inside them as well. They were rectified through new technology and new systems. Now, through new technology and new arrangements, 70 percent of the waste energy in Delhi is going to the plant. The garbage from it is not going to the mountain. Due to this, today the height of the garbage mountain has reduced by 20 meters. There will be less mountains of garbage in the coming times.

The mountain of garbage was not created by the BJP, but by the people

Meenakshi Lekhi said that the mountains of garbage were not created by the BJP but were generated by the people of Delhi. Earlier there was no arrangement to destroy the garbage, due to which they used to dump it at one place. Because of this mountains of garbage have been created, but now technology has changed and society has changed. The Kejriwal government did not make available the resources that should have been made available to implement the new technology. In such a situation, funds were arranged by the Central Government through the Ministry of Urban Development and Cleanliness Campaign, due to which the work of destroying the garbage of Delhi is being done.

BJP leader and Union Minister of State Meenakshi Lekhi said that BJP is neither a party of kings nor a party of leaders behaving like kings. BJP is a party of workers and a party of the people. He said that people who do better come and settle in Delhi. There is not much income group in Delhi, but people living in Delhi dream of making their children IPS and IAS. This is what separates Delhi from other states.

If given a chance to work in Delhi for 15 years, then there must have been some faith. On the question of ticket change, he said that wards have changed and equations have changed. There is a party system. Tickets are given accordingly.

On the question of threat to Kejriwal’s life, Meenaksh Lekhi said that Manoj Tiwari is a singer and actor. That’s a creative mindset. There is danger from Tahir Hussain and Amanatullah Khan. Within seven years, there are 169 cases against their 49 MLAs. If someone is acquitted by the court, BJP does not control him. The police is with the central government. On the question of Satyendar Jain, said that those who give certificates to the world are meaningless. His minister is in jail for six months. Don’t accept his resignation. Having fun in jail. There is no resort in jail. If there was a government servant, he would have been suspended. Why is Satyendar Jain not being removed from the post of minister, what is the compulsion of Kejriwal.

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