Indore: Bought expensive supplements to make a quick six pack, then injected horse… – Gym fitness Steroid Injections Fake anabolic androgenic steroid six pack abs protein powder police arrested indore madhya pradesh Salman Khan

A surprising case has come to light from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Where a young man put his life at stake to make six pack abs quickly. Actually, the young man started taking protein powder to make body, in the same way his health kept deteriorating and he had to be admitted to the hospital. In this case, a complaint was lodged against the shopkeeper in Vijay Nagar police station and he has been arrested.

The victim Jai Singh told the police that he had bought mass gainer protein powder, injection and some pills from Mohit Pahuja, which turned out to be wrong. Due to this, he had pain in his stomach and vomiting and diarrhea started. Jai Singh gave a hefty amount to Mohit for the supplement. Jai Singh says that he was given fake goods in the name of a good product. Due to which his health deteriorated.

Apart from this, Jai Singh told that he used to live in Vijayanagar. He had to come and go to the gym in Gauri Nagar. Because of this, he knew about Mohit’s shop. When he went here, he was tricked into giving such banned injections along with proteins which are banned in the market.

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The police have registered a case against Mohit Pahuja under various sections including cheating and arrested him. During interrogation, Mohit told that he used to make protein from the injections and medicines given to animals and dogs, which he prepared for a few rupees and sold at high prices.

A few months ago, the MIG police in Indore had registered a case against gym trainer Sonu and his brother Raees on the complaint of a 20-year-old youth named Ejaz. In which Ejaz was given injections in the name of making muscles as well as gaining weight. Due to which, along with swelling in the private part of the buyer, there was also a problem in the legs. In this case, the police raided the gym and seized a large quantity of injection and wrong protein powder.

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