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> Tillu – has applied.
Insult and wife are strange things.
Will pay attention
Insult and wife are strange things.
It looks good only when it belongs to others.

> Husband (after 20 years of marriage)- “Before marriage you and I used to be so anxious to see each other”.
Wife- “Oh leave it, what is the use of remembering old mistakes”.

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> A girl came out of the wall
Knocked on Titu’s door and asked – is there salt in your toothpaste?
Titu Chal Bhag Moti.
then tomorrow will ask if your
There is chaat masala in the shampoo.

> wife- you eat beetroot
Husband – why?
Wife- By eating this, the blood becomes good red and thick.
Husband- Ok, now you have to drink high quality blood too.

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