‘Distance from politics, early elections’… Imran has high hopes from PAK’s new Army Chief Asim Munir – Pakistan Imran khan PTI on new Army Chief Lt Gen Asim Mu

Lieutenant General Asim Munir will be the new Army Chief of Pakistan. Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has put the final stamp on the recommendation of PM Shehbaz Sharif. Meanwhile, former PM Imran Khan’s party PTI has given its response on making Asim Munir the Army Chief. PTI has expressed hope that the new army chief will play his constitutional role and stay away from politics and internal issues. Not only this, PTI said that only early elections are the only way to deal with the current crisis of Pakistan.

PTI said that what happened in the last 8 months has created a deep chasm in the country. The steps taken by the government during this period have caused deep damage to the country and its institutions.

Pakistan President Alvi meets new Army Chief Asim Munir

According to PTI, human rights are being violated on a large scale in Pakistan. Journalists and media are being harassed and tortured. Arshad Sharif, a prominent journalist of the country, was murdered. Imran’s party said that we hope that the new leadership of the army will play a constitutional role, so that democracy is strengthened in the country and the people of the country can use their rights to elect a new leadership in the elections.

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PTI said that the people of Pakistan expect that the army will stay away from internal affairs while dealing with external challenges and will not allow the rights of political parties to be affected. Early elections are the only way to deal with the crisis in the country. We feel that all institutions and individuals, who feel that the country is in trouble, will play an important role in strengthening the democratic future.

Who is Asim Munir?

Lieutenant Munir is currently serving as the Quartermaster General in the Pakistan Army. Asim Munir was promoted as 2 Star General in September 2018. But he took charge after two months. Take. General Asim was admitted to the army under the Officers Training School. He was commissioned in the Frontier Force Regiment. He is considered an old close friend of General Bajwa.

Munir was ISI chief at the time of Pulwama attack

Asim Munir was the chief of Pakistan’s ISI at the time of the Pulwama attack. 40 soldiers were martyred in the attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama. Since then, the relations between India and Pakistan continued to deteriorate further.

When Imran removed from the post of ISI chief?

Lt Gen Munir was appointed Director General of Military Intelligence in early 2017. In October 2018, he became the ISI chief. However, his tenure as the top intelligence officer was the shortest. He was removed in 8 months on the recommendation of the then PM Imran Khan. After this, he was replaced by Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid. Take it later General Asim was posted as Gujranwala Corps Commander. Here he stayed for two years. After this he was appointed as Quartermaster General in the Pakistan Army.

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