Delhi palam 25 year old killed 4 from his family 20 stab on father ntc

There has been a big disclosure in the murder of 4 members of a family in Palam, Delhi. According to the police, the accused son Keshav attacked his father with a knife most of the times. 20 knife wounds have been found on the father’s body. In the police interrogation, the accused has revealed that during the quarrel on Wednesday morning, his father scolded him. After this he decided to carry out the murder.

In Palam, Delhi, accused Keshav had killed his father, grandmother, sister and mother. Accused Keshav is addicted to drugs. According to the police, Keshav first killed his grandmother on Wednesday evening, when no one was present in the house. He had asked grandmother for some money. When they refused to give, he killed them. After this he killed his father, then mother and then sister one by one. The police arrested the accused while fleeing from the scene.

When the father scolded, the son killed the whole family

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According to police sources, Keshav told during investigation that he woke up late on Wednesday, so his father scolded him for about 20 minutes. According to Keshav, his father told him that he did not have a job, was useless and a burden on the family. After this Keshav got angry and went out of the house.

According to sources, even during interrogation, Keshav is answering very rudely. He killed his entire family, he has no remorse about it. Even in the interrogation, there is something to say that his family is at fault. He told during interrogation that when he was killing the family members, he was only thinking of killing them mercilessly. Especially your father.

The accused told that he had a breakup with his girlfriend a year back. Keshav told that he was badly broken after this. During this, no family member supported him. In spite of this, his father scolded him. According to sources, Keshav attacked his father 18-20 times with a knife.

The accused has also been in the rehab center

According to the police, the accused Keshav is addicted to drugs. His family also sent him to the rehab center. But he had returned home only a year ago. He often used to go missing from home. He was also missing for the last 15 days. He had returned home only on Tuesday and he killed the entire family on Wednesday.

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