Couple posted a selfie after surviving in plane crash says Life given second chance tsty

Immediately after surviving the plane crash, a couple shared their selfie on social media. A damaged plane is visible in the background of the selfie. He wrote the caption of the photo – When life gives you a second chance. This photo went viral. More than 13 thousand people have retweeted it.

Please tell that the lives of all the passengers including the couple were saved in the crash. On November 18, the plane of LATAM Airlines took off from Lima, the capital of Peru, but it caught fire as soon as it took off. After this the plane crashed. The lives of 120 passengers including the airline crew members were saved. But two firefighters present on the runway lost their lives in the accident.

The plane crash happened on 18 November (AFP)

And the name of the person who clicked the selfie is Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi. In the photo he is seen with his wife. Couple is smiling in the photo. White chemical is visible on his face and in the background. The LATAM aircraft was partially burnt in the accident and tilted to the right.

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Facebook page A320 Systems also shared the photo with the caption, “Selfie of the year, glad both are fine.” Many users on social media praised the couple’s survival.

However, one person wrote, ‘Are they idiots? Two firefighters have died and both of them are busy clicking their photos. Another person wrote that there is no need to write so bad about both, maybe they do not know what has actually happened.

crash investigation underway
According to Reuters, the plane crashed on November 18 after taking off from Manila’s capital Lima’s George Savage International Airport. When the plane was landing after the crash, it caught fire. George Savage International Airport gave a statement that the matter is being investigated.

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