Charu Asopa Reacts To Rajeev Sen Claim That He Is Still In Touch With Her tmovk

A few days back, Rajeev Sen said in one of his video blogs that he is still in touch with his wife Charu Asopa. However, both of them parted ways after a year of marriage. Nevertheless, in between they tried to sort things out, but the relationship could not be formed. Then Charu gave birth to daughter Jeena. Even after this, both wanted to give their relationship another chance, but now Charu has shifted permanently to another house with her daughter. The house is definitely small, but it is good for him and his daughter. At the same time, Rajeev has bought a property in Goa, where he is currently living.

Rajeev is sending messages to Charu
Now Charu Asopa has reacted to the matter of being in touch with Rajeev Sen. The actress says that for the past one week, Rajeev has been sending her messages of ‘Good morning’, ‘Aapka din achha ho’ and ‘Good night’. Charu is also replying to them comfortably. Earlier, there used to be talk between the two only about divorce. But ever since Rajiv has started sending such messages to Charu, some things are troubling her. The actress felt that what happened suddenly to Rajeev that he is sending such messages to her. Something is black in the lentils. And now this thing has become clear. Charu has realized why Rajeev was sending such messages to her.

The actress said this
In a conversation with E-Times, Charu Asopa said, “Rajiv sent him those messages so that he could talk about me. He realized that his normal video blogs were not working. He was not getting views. So he started talking about me and Jeena. He has got a lot of numbers in the blog. I don’t know what he is thinking and saying all this. You disturb someone and his You talk about problems and later when the same girl tells things in public, you force her to play the victim card.”

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Actress reacted on divorce
On the matter of divorce, the actress said that I do not want to waste even a minute on Rajeev’s case. I want to move on from this whole matter for myself and my daughter. I will move ahead, only then I will be able to pay full attention to my daughter. Both of us are going to meet with our lawyers on 30 November so that things can be finalized. I hope Rajeev will come.

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