Bihar: Washed the face after taking off the jewelry to take the photo and then … – New style of cheating took gold silver jewelry on the pretext of photo shoot

A shocking case of cheating has come to light from Chandpura in Bihar. Where the thugs made the woman remove her jewelry in a very cunning way and went berserk. In fact, a woman named Devanti Devi, who lives in Nanhkar of Chandpura, had got a toilet built in her house under a government scheme. Two persons came to his house and said that they are census workers and have come for the verification of toilets. On this he allowed both of them to come inside the house.

The victim told the police that the youth took her to the toilet built behind the house, asking her to take a photo with the toilet. Where he told the woman that she was wearing expensive jewelry and only poor people would get the amount for the toilet. That’s why she will have to take off her jewelry and get photographed in plain clothes. She took off the jewelry and put it on the table and went to wash her face.

As soon as she came after washing her face, she saw that both the youths had run away with her jewelry. He started making noise, the people of your neighborhood gathered on the spot and went to the police station and lodged a complaint.

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The victim woman Devanti Devi has lodged an FIR at the local Chandpura police station. Station SHO Chandan Kumar told that the investigation of such cases of cheating is very challenging. There should be no cases of such forgery with the innocent people of the village. It will be seriously investigated. The victim told the police that the accused absconded with her necklace and earrings. Efforts are being made by the police to nab them.

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