Aaj Tak Panchayat: ‘Satyendra Jain gets massages done in jail’, Manish Sisodia clarified

Aaj Tak Panchayat: Aaj Tak has organized the biggest panchayat regarding Delhi MCD elections. This panchayat has been started by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia. It has been claimed from their side that this time less than 20 wards of BJP are going to come in the elections. He has also presented clarification on all the ongoing controversies regarding Satyendar Jain.

Sisodia clarified on Satyendra Jain

At present, the video of Satyendar Jain’s massage in jail is being made a big issue by the BJP. Now Manish Sisodia has said on this controversy that I had said that the prisoners who are lodged in the jail are close to 20-25. If anyone needs physiotherapy….then either the jail administration should arrange for it…now if someone is helping someone then you are making it a big issue….this is not possible for any prisoner It happens. BJP people are bringing some video everyday. Prisoners do 90 percent of the work in jail. From eating to cleaning, the work is done by them only. Now which person is accused of what, it does not decide what work he will do. It doesn’t work like this. You see the video, all the prisoners are doing some or the other work.

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What did you say on the controversy about getting food from outside?

By the way, the allegation on Satyendar Jain also seems that he is getting food from outside. They are being given those facilities in the jail which are not available to other prisoners. On this allegation, Sisodia has insisted that the work in the jail is done only according to the jail manual. In this regard, they say that according to the jail manual, Satyendar Jain is not getting any more food than the rights given to the accused. There is a jail canteen, they can buy salads etc from there. They haven’t eaten food for five and a half months, won’t they even eat salad. Now when they are about to get bail, these people start talking about changing the lawyer. What do you want that Satyendar Jain should be flogged… what do you expect. It is not right to make fun of the disease like this. Satyendar Jain is the person who started Mohalla Clinic, efforts are being made to defame him.

Manish Sisodia did not stop here only. Targeting Home Minister Amit Shah, he said that when he was in jail, he was being given deluxe facilities. They were living there quite comfortably.

What is the strategy against BJP?

By the way, in Delhi, because the entire election machinery has been dismantled by the BJP in the MCD elections, many central ministers are also campaigning, the question is arising that how will the Aam Aadmi Party match, what strategy will be worked on their behalf? This time Manish Sisodia says that BJP has not done any work in 15 years, now all the big leaders are fielding. The departure of the central leadership in the MCD elections shows where the BJP is seeing itself in the elections. They have understood that the election has gone out of hand. Every work is small for BJP. If the garbage was cleaned, people would have been benefited. Had we managed the stray animals, we would not have had to work so hard today. Look at Arvind Kejriwal, how much work he has done in 7 years, his work speaks for itself.

On the biggest issue in MCD, Sisodia has said that there is only one demand of the public that the mountain of garbage should be abolished. This is our aim in this election also. Work will be done towards ending this mountain. He insisted that now Kejriwal in Delhi as well as councilor Kejriwal.

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