A big accident happened with Amrapali Dubey, she told the police…

New Delhi. Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey) is an Indian Bhojpuri film and remains in discussion about her acting. These days she is shooting for one of her upcoming projects in Ayodhya, the city of Shriram, and in the meantime a major accident has happened to her. In fact, a thief came inside the hotel where the Bhojpuri actress was staying in the city, seeing the door open and stole all her valuables. The incident took place when Amrapali was sleeping in the hotel room exhausted from work and when she woke up, she saw everything scattered there.


Father and son were thieves who stole Amrapali’s goods
Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey Ayodhya Incident) immediately complained to the UP Police after waking up and action was taken without delay. It is a matter of relief that within 24 hours the police officers arrested the people who stole the belongings of the actress (Amrapali Dubey). According to information, the Bhojpuri actress’s belongings were stolen by a father-son duo from Tamil Nadu, who were identified on the basis of photographs obtained from the hotel’s CCTV footage.

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Amrapali’s stolen goods recovered in 24 hours
The thieves had stolen the actress’s money, mobile, mother’s jewelery and telephone etc. which have now been recovered by the police. The actress told ANI in a conversation that ‘my alarm didn’t ring in the morning, then when I woke up to check, I saw that the telephone was missing, my mother’s telephone was also not there. Then the mother told that she does not even have a purse. I went blank for a while. The thought that someone had entered the room and taken away all the belongings scared me. I told in reception. Then the police came and saw the CCTV footage. I was very scared when the luggage was lost. I didn’t expect to get the goods. But I did not think that my goods would be received within 24 hours, I did not expect the police to act so quickly.

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Thanked UP Police and Yogi Adityanath
Amrapali further said, ‘I thank the Uttar Pradesh Police and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The entire material will cost between 22-25 lakhs. Amrapali also told the reason for not closing the door of the hotel room. The actress said, ‘I was awake till late in the morning and my father stayed in the next room. I gave him the medicine and came to my room and then forgot to lock the door. It was because of my mistake that the theft took place.

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Amrapali is coming in many big projects
If we talk about the work front, then she has been seen not only in Bhojpuri films but also in serials. She played the lead character as Suman in ‘Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein’. She has also appeared in Saat Phere and Maayka on Zee TV. In the coming time, Amrapali is going to rock many big projects with big stars.

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