Wow! Not by bulletproof car… 4 American female diplomats go to office by auto rickshaw – Female american diplomats driving auto rickshaw in delhi lclp

These days a video of 4 American women diplomats in Delhi is becoming increasingly viral. These four are not ordinary women but American diplomats. Those who drive auto rickshaws themselves on the roads of the capital and go to office and for their works. Of these, N. Ale. Mason, Sharin J. Kitterman, Ruth Homburg and Jennifer Bywaters.

The surprising thing is that leaving bulletproof vehicles and security personnel, these women diplomats are roaming on the streets of Delhi in autos. People are surprised to see him.

The purpose of the tour is to strengthen Indian relations

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The most important thing is that all these women like to travel by auto driving themselves for their works. Along with this, the purpose of his visit is to strengthen Indian relations and also to give a message to the people to use public transport.

Everyone was surprised to see the diplomats in the auto.

Everyone is surprised to see American diplomats in autos. Diplomat Mason says, “I have a great affection for auto rickshaws. When I was in Pakistan, I used to try to travel in autos there too. I bought a rickshaw as soon as I got a chance after coming to India and now travel with it”.

Unique driving experience

Women diplomats say that the experience of driving an auto is quite unique. Got to see and learn a lot of new things. However, earlier only the automatic car was driven.

my dream come true

American diplomat Sharin says, “When I was planning to come to Delhi from America, I had heard about the Mexican ambassador who had an auto. Then after coming to India, I saw that N. L. Mason keeps an auto here for his journey. On this I decided to travel by auto and my dream also came true”.

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