‘Why doesn’t Salma get cut, why only Shraddha?’ Music ragi question – Shraddha murder case stirs Hindu-Muslim politics

The issue of love jihad is being raised loudly in the Gujarat elections. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has even said that if Hindu daughters have to be saved from love jihad, a strict law will have to be made and this law will be made by BJP only. At the same time, music lovers are raising the question that ‘Why doesn’t Salma cut, why only Shraddha?’

The issue of love jihad is being raised in the Gujarat elections. From BJP leaders to the Chief Minister, they are seen asking for votes in the name of Love Jihad in Gujarat. At the same time, Sangit Ragi has raised the question that ‘Why doesn’t Salma, why only Shraddha?’.

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