Why Bisleri has to be sold? Company owner told the real reason… Mention of daughter! – Tata to acquire Bisleri why the need to sell most popular water bottle brand news in hindi tutc

Bottled water means packaged water….if you want to buy it from the shop, the first name that comes to mind is Bisleri. Now this brand is going to be sold. However, it is not going outside the country and customers will probably continue to get it under the same name. In fact, Ramesh Chauhan, who is heading the company, has decided to sell it and Tata Consumer Products Ltd is at the forefront of the buying race. But the questions are arising that despite being the most popular brand of the country and doing good business, why did it come to sell?

aging and poor health
82-year-old Ramesh Chauhan is the owner of Bisleri, India’s largest packaged water company. According to ET’s report, apart from old age as well as poor health, there are many other reasons, due to which the Bisleri deal has come to an end. The report states that the chairman does not have a successor to take Bisleri forward or take it to the next level of expansion.

Less interest of daughter Jayanti is also the reason
It was told in the report that Jayanti, daughter of Ramesh Chauhan and Vice Chairperson of Bisleri, is also not very keen on business. Due to which preparations are being made to sell Bisleri. Please tell here that the responsibility of the post of Chairman and MD of Bisleri is on the shoulders of Ramesh Chauhan, while his wife Zainab Chauhan is the director of the company.

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Ramesh Chauhan’s statement

According to the report, Ramesh Chauhan, chairman of ‘Bisleri International’ and famous industrialist, said on Thursday that he is looking for a buyer for his bottled water business, and he is also in talks with the Tata company. When he was asked what was the reason behind selling the Bisleri business? He said that in future someone will have to manage this company, so
We are looking for the right way. His daughter has little interest in running the business. Although he said that only talks are going on, the deal has not been sealed.

Bisleri was bought in 1969
In the year 1969, Parle, led by the business house Chauhan family, bought Bisleri (India) Limited. When Chauhan had bought this company, he was only 28 years old at that time. At that time the deal of Bisleri company was done for only Rs 4 lakh. In 1995, its command came into the hands of Ramesh J. Chauhan. After this, the business of packaged water ran at such a speed that now it has become the identity of bottled water. The market of packaged water in India is more than Rs 20,000 crore. Of this, 60 per cent is unorganized. Bisleri’s share in the organized market is around 32 per cent.

The deal can be done for Rs 7,000 crore
According to reports, the deal with Tata Group to sell Bisleri is nearing completion. This deal is said to be worth Rs 6,000-7,000 crore. But Ramesh Chauhan is currently denying it. According to the information available on the website, Bisleri has more than 122 operational plants across the country, while it has a distributor network of more than 4,500 with about 5,000 trucks across India.

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