Waiting not confirmed in train? Trainman introduces Trip Assurance option for Indian Railway Train travelers IRCTC Free Flight ttec

Lakhs of people travel daily by Indian Railways. Because of this, sometimes there is a problem of getting a confirmed seat. In case of non-availability of a confirmed seat, a waiting ticket is issued to the passenger. But, we are not able to get exact information about the chances of its confirmation. To overcome this problem, train ticket booking app Trainman has introduced a new feature.

Trip Assurance feature will come in handy

The company has named this feature as Trip Assurance. With this, waitlisted passengers will be guaranteed to complete the trip. Users can check the percentage score on the prediction meter while booking tickets on the Trainman app.

Passengers will also be shown the option of last minute alternative travel and financing through Trip Assurance. This feature will be very useful in the situation when the train ticket will not be confirmed even after chart preparation.

The company said in a statement that if the prediction meter is showing 90 percent or more, then the trip assurance fee will be Re 1. But, in case of showing less than 90% prediction, a nominal charge will be taken depending on the class of the ticket.

This is how you will get free flight tickets

Let us tell you that if the train ticket is confirmed after the preparation of the chart, the Trip Assurance Fee will be refunded to the account. Whereas if the train ticket is not confirmed then the trainman will give the flight ticket to the passenger without any extra cost. That is, the user will get a free flight ticket.

The company has told that the nominal fee of Trip Assurance starts from Rs.1 only. At present this facility has been introduced for all Rajdhani trains and other train bookings. According to the company, at present this facility is being provided in about 130 trains.

The CEO of Trainman said that the objective of this product is to provide a hassle-free experience to the passengers. The prediction model of the company to convert waiting tickets into confirmed ones works with 94 percent accuracy. But, in case this does not happen, the user will be given a free flight ticket. This will be valid only for the city where the airport is available.

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