Video: Monkeys take out liquor bottle from bike bag Agra lclp

A video of the Collectorate premises in Agra, Uttar Pradesh is going viral on social media. Which is outside the SP West office. There were many bikes parked outside the office here. Meanwhile, two to three monkeys reached the bike.

bottle fell on the ground

The monkeys started rummaging through the bag attached to the side of the bike. During this, a bottle of liquor came out of the bag, whose cover was thrown away by the monkeys. Before this, the monkey opened the lid and the bottle fell on the ground and the monkeys ran away.

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The soldiers came running after seeing the bottle

Seeing the liquor bottle lying on the ground and its cover, the soldiers standing around reached the spot. In a hurry, the soldiers removed the bottle from the spot and hid it.

It was a soldier’s bike!

Someone captured this entire incident on camera and made the video viral on social media. It is being said that the bike from which the monkeys took out the liquor bottle, belongs to a soldier.

People are troubled by the terror of monkeys

Please tell that people in Agra district are very upset with monkeys. A plan has been prepared to stop the menace of monkeys from Taj Mahal. The Municipal Corporation has taken permission from the Forest Department for castration of monkeys. In the first phase, 500 monkeys will be sterilized. 4 crore will be spent for this. Agra Municipal Corporation has taken the responsibility of this work on its shoulders.

Soon the monkeys will be caught by running a campaign and they will be castrated. For this, coordination has also been made with the Wildlife SOS team along with the Forest Department. The menace of monkeys will be ended from the Taj Mahal.

Monkeys have spread terror in the Taj Mahal complex. Which has become a headache for the Archaeological Survey of India i.e. ASI. ESI is constantly asking the departments to remove the monkeys from the Taj Mahal. The day monkeys come to Taj Mahal, they bite and beat the tourists, which is directly affecting the Taj Mahal.

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