Vastu tips know which things to keep in which direction of the house tlifdg

Vastu Tips: It is very important to pay attention to some things while building a house according to Vastu and keeping any new things in the house. Vastu science is also related to the study of directions along with the construction of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping things in the house in the right direction is considered beneficial. There is a special rule of Vastu for home and office. If we put something in the wrong direction, then its result will also be wrong. Let us know which thing should be kept in which direction in the house.

1. North direction

According to Vastu, north direction is the direction of Kuber. Keeping a vault in this direction is not considered right. But you can keep the bundle of money in this direction at your shop or any place of business. The vault should always be in the south direction. The north direction should never be kept empty, so you can decorate a small fountain in this direction.

2. East direction

Avoid keeping anything in the east direction of the house. According to Vastu, the lords of this direction are Surya Dev and Indra Dev. Light a lamp in this direction once a day. Clean this place. Keep the idol of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi in this direction.

3. South direction

According to Vastu, there should be heavy things in the south of the house. There should be accumulation of money because this is the best place to deposit money. There should not be a toilet in this direction. This is the direction of the lordship of Yama, the direction of Mars, the direction of wealth. This direction is owned by the earth element.

4. West direction

The deity of this direction is Varuna. Its ruling planet is Saturn. The kitchen of the house can be built in this direction.

5. Northeast

The northeast corner is the place of water and Lord Shiva. Jupiter is the lord of this direction. Pooja house, boring water tank can also be made in Ishan angle.

6. Southeast angle

The southeast angle is the place of fire and Mars. The lord of this direction is Venus. You can make a place for kitchen or electronic equipment etc. in the southeast angle.

7. Air angle

Vayva is the location of the angle. The lord of this direction is Moon. The wind angle is considered as the location of the window. Guest rooms can also be made here.

8. Southwest angle

Southwest angle is considered to be the place of earth element. The lords of this direction are Rahu and Ketu. TV, radio and sports goods can be kept in this direction.

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