UAE’s decision, Indians with such name on passport will not be allowed to travel – UAE new travel rules single name on passport with any type of visa not allowed tlifws

If you or someone you know is preparing to go to UAE soon, then this information is very important for you. The UAE government has changed the travel guidelines. Under the new instructions, now if only single name is written on any person’s passport, i.e. surname (surname) column is empty, then he cannot go to UAE nor can he come from there.

According to the UAE government, both the first and last name must appear on the passport of all travelers. From November 21, UAE has also implemented this new rule. Quoting the UAE government, a statement has also been issued by the airlines company Indigo.

Indigo said in a statement that, “According to the instructions of the UAE administration, passengers who have a single name on the passport, whether on tourist or any visa, will not be allowed to travel.”

This exemption will remain for permanent visa holders

However, if someone has a permanent UAE visa, then they will need permission to travel, but for this they will have to get the passport updated by writing the same name in both the first and last name columns. At the same time, Indigo has said that if a passenger needs more information than this, then he can get the details by visiting the website.

According to a report in Khaleej Times, many people are facing problems as soon as the new announcement is made by the UAE government. In fact, as soon as the instructions of the UAE administration are received, many airlines companies have allowed passengers with single name on the passport to go out of the country. In such a situation, many Indian citizens are not being allowed to come from UAE.

At the same time, as soon as the new rules come into effect, travel agents are asking people to wait for the next update before applying for a visa.

Wait 48 hours before applying for visa

An employee of Raina Tour and Travels told Khaleej Times that we are waiting for information from the embassy. That’s why we are advising people to wait for 48 hours before applying for visa.

After the new decision of the UAE government, it is bound to create panic. A large number of Indian people keep coming and going from UAE. In such a situation, any kind of sudden change creates many problems.

Indian airline companies are also giving special advice to the passengers going to UAE. Apart from Indigo, Air India Express and SpiceJet have advised passengers to ensure that the name on their passport is as per the new rule before travelling.

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