The friend did such a force, the young man became a millionaire overnight! – friend did such an act young man became a millionaire overnight Tsty

The person who considered buying lottery tickets a waste of time and money. Used to forbid friends to play as well. This lottery ticket turned the fate of the person upside down. The person has claimed prize money of more than Rs 1 crore 20 lakh. His friend had forced him to buy the ticket.

Danny Johnson lives in Hampton, USA. He told Virginia Lottery officials that he was always skeptical about the lottery. He also used to forbid his friends to play lottery. Danny said that he used to tell his friends not to waste their time and money playing the lottery.

Johnson said a friend of his argued with him about buying Powerball tickets in early November. In the beginning of November the jackpot amount crossed the historical figure. Only after this, Johnson decided to buy the lottery ticket from the website on 5 November.

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Johnson said that he had never bet on the lottery, so he had no idea about the winning numbers. Remembering that moment, Johnson said that I had some winning numbers, even after winning, he did not realize that he had won the lottery.

Johnson’s luck shone for the first time playing the Powerball lottery. After the victory, Johnson said that he has no plan regarding the winning amount, but it was like a surprise gift for him. It was only one of his friends who pressurized him to buy the ticket.

When the person won the lottery of 16 thousand crores
Recently, the person who won the Powerball Jackpot had won an amount of Rs 16,000 crore. At the same time, the person who sold this jackpot ticket also received a prize money of Rs 8 crore as a bonus. Joseph Chaid, who won a bonus of Rs 8 crore, lives in Altadena, California. Joseph came to America from Syria in the 1980s.

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