Story and dance of Divyang student Dikshika from Ratlam Madhya Pradesh lclp

It is said that nothing is impossible when the spirits are high. Dikshika, a deaf and dumb person from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh has proved this point. When Dikshika dances on one leg, people are forced to press their fingers under their teeth.

After seeing someone dancing, Dikshika (12 years) dances exactly like that in one or two attempts. She studies in Class V in Janchetana Deaf and Retarded Secondary School located near Nehru Stadium. He is fond of dance.

It is noteworthy that Mamta, a resident of Doshigaon, was married in 2009 to Vivek Giri Goswami, a resident of Yashoda village in Mandsaur district. Mamta gave birth to a daughter in 2010. One of his legs did not develop. After 4 months of birth, it was found that she cannot even hear. Then a few months later it was found that she could not even speak.

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Due to no school for retarded children in the area, the daughter was kept in her maternal grandfather’s home. Regarding her dreams, Dikshika shows the photo of the doctor and says that she also wants to become a doctor.

Usha Tiwari, teacher of Deaf-mute School, Ratlam, says that it had come to us at a young age. I saw her dancing one day. When asked if he likes dance, he said yes in a gesture.

Meanwhile, she danced in a program in the school. After this, participated in almost every program. She cannot speak or hear but the flexibility of her body is a God gift for her. Seeing any song, she dances accordingly. In-charge Principal Satish Tiwari is also very fond of his talent.

Dikshika’s maternal uncle Dashrath tells that my niece wants to become a doctor when she grows up. She cannot speak or listen, but we all understand her thoughts by her gestures. That too people can easily understand their point of view.

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