Shraddha Walker Murder: ‘Will do tukde-tukde…’, as Aftab had said two years ago, Shraddha was murdered

Exactly seven hundred and thirty days ago i.e. exactly two years ago from today. On 23 November 2020, Aftab did exactly what he had said. Exactly 730 days i.e. two years ago, the date was 23 November 2020 at Tulinj police station in Palghar district. When Shraddha had written a complaint with her own hands and submitted it to the police station. I wish, even after writing that complaint and knowing the truth, if Shraddha had not stayed with Aftab, she might have been alive today.

What was written in the complaint letter happened
This is a strange coincidence. A full year passed on 23 November 2022. Shraddha’s letter written two years ago on November 23, 2020 or rather the police complaint has come to the fore. If we forget the date and year and just read this complaint, then it would seem that Shraddha has written this letter after her own murder. Whatever he had written two years ago, after one and a half years the same thing happened to him, in the same way he was strangled. That’s how he was suffocated. In the same way the dead body was cut into pieces and thrown in the same way.

Shraddha living with her murderer
Was it just a coincidence or did Shraddha really know her fate and if she knew her fate, then what was the compulsion that she was living with her would-be murderer keeping her life at stake. Talk on this coincidence or compulsion, before that why not once know about that letter or police complaint of Shraddha written two years ago i.e. on 23 November 2020.

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23 November 2020
Actually, this was the date of two years, when Shraddha gave that complaint to the police. Then Aftab worsened his condition. His nose, cheeks, throat, lower back were badly bruised and bruised. Aftab then thrashed Shraddha badly. After this beating, Shraddha was taken to the hospital by her friends. where he had to be recruited. After the advice of her friends, Shraddha then gave this complaint at Tulinj police station in Palghar. Then Shraddha had decided that now she will separate from Aftab. Will not stay with her at all.

Shraddha’s last mistake
But alas she again came under the influence of Aftab. Aftab then emotionally blackmailed Shraddha, threatening to commit suicide if she did not return to him. He had also apologized to Shraddha. Shraddha was pissed off and reached the same Aftab again from the hospital. Not only this, on the advice of Aftab, he also withdrew his complaint given at Tulinj police station the very next day. This proved to be not the biggest mistake of his life, but really the last one.

The complete script of the murder was written a year and a half ago
Just imagine if Shraddha had separated from Aftab with this complaint, would his life not have been saved? Come on, Shraddha trusted Aftab, so she did not return. But what about Aftab, who had written the entire script of Shraddha’s murder a year and a half ago. Leaving aside the date of the murder, if a few lines of the complaint letter are read carefully, then Shraddha writes-

“Today he tried to kill me by strangling me. He threatened me. Blackmailed me. Also said he would kill me, cut my body into pieces and then throw them out.”

what was written happened
Whatever Shraddha wrote in the letter proved to be absolutely true. On 18 May 2022, Aftab killed Shraddha in exactly the same way. He first strangled Shraddha. Then cut the dead body into pieces. After that he kept throwing those pieces out in installments. Kept throwing until all the pieces were in place.

Shraddha wanted to marry Aftab
By the way, there is another aspect of Shraddha’s letter or complaint. Perhaps the answer to this question is also in this letter as to why Shraddha was not going away from Aftab despite all the atrocities. Actually, Shraddha really loved Aftab and she wanted to marry him. Despite writing all the complaints of Aftab in the complaint, she could not hide this matter of her heart.

Last chat of Shraddha’s life
Apart from that police complaint, a chat of Shraddha has also surfaced. Perhaps this was the last chat of Shraddha’s life. At 4.34 pm on May 18, Shraddha wrote a message to a friend on Instagram. Whereas, according to Aftab, he had killed Shraddha between 8 to 10 on the night of 18 May. That is, within the next four-five hours after writing this chat, Shraddha was killed. Shraddha had written to a friend in this chat, friend.. I have got the news.

friend did not get the answer
Then after some time she writes another message to the same friend that I had become very busy in something. On May 18, the same friend again wrote a reply to Shraddha, what news have you got? But Shraddha again turned around and did not reply to this message. What about this friend, after that he never replied to anyone.

No reply received even after three months
But that friend was still constantly messaging Shraddha. But even after three months, when there was no response from Shraddha, then on September 15, she messaged Aftab. Also called Aftab. But Aftab did not talk to her. On September 24, at 4.15 pm, that friend messaged Shraddha again. asked where are you are you safe But there was no answer to this either. Till then some other friends were also searching for Shraddha.

Aftab arrested in Delhi
And then while talking to the same friends, it reached Shraddha’s brother and father. After this, Shraddha’s father wrote a missing report for the first time about his daughter. The result of which was that Aftab was caught in Delhi itself.

Preparation for Aftab’s polygraphy test
Meanwhile, Aftab’s polygraphy test was to be done at Rohini’s Forensic Science Laboratory ie FSL on Wednesday, but it could not happen due to health reasons. Actually polygraphy test is necessary before narco test. So that through this test it can be estimated that on which questions the accused is telling the truth and on which questions he is giving wrong answers. During the polygraphy test, most of the questions will be asked to Aftab regarding Shraddha, relationship with Shraddha, fight, murder, corpse pieces, place to keep the pieces and weapons etc.

narco test to know the truth
Aftab’s police custody ends on 25 November. Looking at him, the police is trying to complete his narco test within the next two days. Actually, through narco test, forensic experts want to bring out the evidence of Shraddha’s murder and dead body hidden in Aftab’s mind. Now the question is how to read the mind of the criminal? So that’s why narco test is done. So that by penetrating into the mind of the criminal, his truth can be brought out.

Investigating officer and psychologist choose questions
But for the narco test, first the consent of the court and the accused himself is necessary. During the narco test, some drugs are given to the accused. The dosage of medicines is given keeping in view the height, saddle, health, weight and age of the accused. So that the accused is neither completely unconscious nor completely in the lap of sleep. Just be in a faint state. Means such a condition that he is neither sleeping nor awake. He is neither conscious nor unconscious. It is said that in such a situation a person often speaks the truth and in this situation now questions are asked to the accused. Those questions which are related to that case and that accused. The questions to be asked to the accused are prepared jointly by the investigating officer of the case and a team of psychologists.

Narco test report is not valid in court
Also know here that the report of the narco test is not at all valid in the court. The police also know this very well. Despite this, the narco test of the accused is done so that the evidence related to the case can be accessed through the secret that has sprung from his mind. For example, in the Aftab and Shraddha case, the most important clue and evidence that the police want at this time is Shraddha’s dead body, the pieces of the dead body or the saw with which the dead body was cut into pieces.

If during the narco test, Aftab spoke the truth about the places where he had planted these evidences, then understand that the narco test was successful. But if he gets entangled with the police even in the narco test, then the case will be seen standing where it has been for the last nine days.

Narco test failed in many cases
For your information, let us also tell you that it is not necessary that the accused or his mind always told the truth during the narco test. From Telgi to Abu Salem and even in the Aarushi case, the narco test proved unsuccessful.

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