Sharkbot Malware: These apps are sending your banking details to hackers, are present in thousands of people’s phones – Android File Manager Apps Infected With Sharkbot Malware on Google Play Store ttec

Android apps stealing data from people’s phones in the name of file manager have been exposed. These apps are present on the Google Play Store and are affecting users with Sharkbot Trojan. Hackers have cleverly used Sharkbot backing Trojan in these apps. These apps do not contain this Trojan at the time of installation.

While submitting to the Google Play Store, these suspected apps did not contain any trojans, but later these apps were featuring them from remote sources. Since these Torzan apps are file managers, people do not even suspect about asking for their permission. This app loads Sharkbot malware after taking permission from you.

How Sharkbot Malware Works

as far as sharkboat If it is malware, then it is a very dangerous Trojan, which steals people’s banking details. This malware works in such a way that you will be prompted with fake banking login forms just like the real ones.

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When users enter their data in these fake forms, this Trojan steals the credentials and sends them to the hackers. This malware has appeared many times on the Google Play Store and is constantly improving itself.

After the arrival of new details, Google was reported about these apps. At present, these apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, but the banking details of those who still have these apps in their phones are at risk.

Delete these dangerous apps immediately

One such app is X-File Manager, developed by Victor Soft Ice LLC. This app has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times from Google Play Store. However, now Google has removed it from its platform. If there is such an app in your phone too, then you should delete it.

Another suspicious app is File Voyager, which was developed by Julia Soft Io LLC. This app was downloaded from Google Play Store more than 5 thousand times.

Apart from this, an app named Lite Cleaner M has also been spotted with Sharkbot Trojan. These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. If you have any of these apps in your phone, then you should delete them immediately.

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