Personality Development Tips: You do not make these mistakes while shaking hands, learn the right way of Hand Shake – How to shake hands properly Tips to improve your handshake personality development lbse

Tips to Improve Your Handshake: Although shaking hands is a part of people’s everyday life, the way of shaking hands affects your social relationships. From strangers to friends and co-workers, hands are shaken everyday. Experts have also agreed that by shaking hands, you leave an impression on the person in front of you. However, how this impression will be, it tells the way of your handshake. So let’s know, what is the right way to shake hands.

While shaking hands, first of all keep in mind that straight hand should be used for this, never use reverse hand to shake hands. If you are intending to mix, then make sure that your right hand is empty, if you are holding something in your right hand, then change it to the opposite hand. While shaking hands, keep in mind that your hand should not be dirty or sticky. For example, if you are holding a drink in your right hand at a party, then take care that it does not make your hand cold or sticky. Also keep in mind that both hands should be visible while shaking hands. Don’t have your other hand in your pocket. A person should stand while shaking hands, keep in mind that if you are sitting then stand up before shaking hands. While shaking hands, you should also meet the person in front of you. Apart from this, there should also be a smile on the face. However, it should be a simple smile, not a bright smile. This can make you appear impatient. At the same time, the eyes should meet in such a way or for so long that you can recognize the color of the person’s eyes. During this your head should be straight. Means your body should be similar to the body of the person in front. As soon as you move your straight hand forward to shake hands, your leg should also move forward i.e. your straight leg should be 2 inches ahead of the opposite leg and knees should be slightly bent. While extending your hand, your palm should be straight, thumb should be raised upwards and fingers should be straight. Your fingers should not be bent and the thumb should be on the splash side. Keep in mind that the palm should not be towards the ceiling, it can tell your dominant nature. Apart from this, the palm should not be towards the ground, it indicates your humility. Do not leave the hand while shaking hands until your palm does not completely touch the palm of the person in front. While shaking hands, it is also necessary to shake the hand, but for this keep in mind that shake the hand in such a way that the hand moves up to the elbow. The hand did not move only up to the wrist, nor did it move up to the shoulder. While shaking hands, your muscles should become tight, then you should stop shaking hands. With this, your grip should neither be too strong nor too light. It should also be according to the person in front.

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