Palam murder case: First killed grandmother, then father, mother and sister… son killed for 4 hours – delhi palam murder case 25 year old stabs parents grandmother sister to death ntc

A few months ago, a 25-year-old man, who returned from the rehab center, killed four family members one by one. The deceased include the father, grandmother, mother and sister of the accused. The matter is of Palam area of ​​Delhi. Here 25-year-old Keshav started this massacre by killing his grandmother. Keshav killed his grandmother just because she refused to give him money for drugs.

Keshav’s cousin Kuldeep Saini, who complained in this case, told that he often used to disappear from the house. He said that Keshav was addicted to drugs for 10 years. He suddenly disappeared from the house on 3 November. He returned on 19 November. However, the police say that Keshav was not drunk when he killed his family members.

Initial investigation has revealed that there was a quarrel in the family earlier. He didn’t have a job. His family members used to ask him to do a job. This made him angry. On Tuesday also he asked his mother for money, but when she refused, he started quarreling. After this he went out of the house. After this, his mother, father and sister also went outside the house to work.

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Keshav returned home in the evening, at that time his grandmother was alone at home. Keshav asked his grandmother for money at 5.30 pm, when she refused. After this Keshav killed him. When Keshav’s father Dinesh returned home at 7.30 pm, he found his mother. During this, Keshav killed him too by stabbing him. He took the body to the bathroom.

After this, when Keshav’s mother returned to Darshan at 9 pm, she also stabbed him to death. When Keshav’s sister Urvashi returned at around 9.30 pm, she was shocked to see all this. She started shouting for help. That’s why Keshav killed him too. Kuldeep reached there after hearing Urvashi’s voice. Keshav was trying to escape from there. Kuldeep caught him and called the police.

Kuldeep says that Keshav often used to fight in the house. He used to threaten and beat everyone every day. According to the police, two criminal cases are already registered against Keshav. Police told that when they were arresting Keshav and bringing him, he also threatened Kuldeep. He told Kuldeep that you have caught me, I will kill you too after coming from jail.

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