More than 6,000 government schools in this state have less than 20 students: Report – Report says Himachal Pradesh Over 6000 Govt Schools Less Than 20 Students

A recent report has been released regarding the system of government schools in the state of Himachal Pradesh. According to this report, a total of 6106 government schools in Himachal Pradesh have less than 20 students, including 5113 primary and 993 secondary schools. A recent report by the Integrated District Information System for Education states that 4478 primary and 895 middle schools have numbers between 21-60 and 681 primary and 47 middle schools have numbers between 61 and 100. . There are 18,028 schools in the state, of which 15,313 are government schools.

According to the report, there are 65,973 teachers in government schools, of which 39,906 are male and 26,257 are female. However, 12 primary government schools are running without a teacher, while 2,969 have one teacher, 5,533 have two teachers and 1,779 have three teachers. Similarly, 51 middle schools are run by one teacher, 416 by two teachers, 773 by three teachers and 701 by four to six teachers.

The report also states that a secondary school with at least ten classes is being run by two teachers. Whereas ten schools are being run by three teachers, 212 by four to six teachers and 710 by seven to ten teachers.

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Senior secondary schools are also facing shortage of teachers. 22 schools are running with four to six teachers, 189 have seven to ten teachers, 684 have 11 to 15 teachers and 981 schools have more than 15 teachers. Further, the report pointed out that despite 63,690 rooms in government schools, seven primary schools are without rooms, 338 are running in one room, 2,495 in two rooms, 4,111 in three rooms and 3,402 in seven to 10 rooms. are.

At the same time, three middle schools are without rooms, 216 have only one room, 241 have two rooms, 1,111 have three rooms and 352 have four to six rooms. The situation is no better in secondary and senior secondary schools with minimum classes 10 and 12. Six in one room, 25 in two rooms, 117 in three rooms, 697 in four to six rooms and 74 in seven to ten rooms are running.

Similarly, one senior secondary school in the state is running in one room, seven in two rooms, 17 in three rooms, 245 in four to six rooms, 947 in seven to 10 rooms, 454 in 11 to 15 rooms and only 205 schools are running like this. Where there are more than 15 rooms. Schools have been opened following the guidelines of the Right to Education Act.

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