MCD Elections: What will be in BJP’s box? Party will release manifesto tomorrow – delhi mcd election bjp manifesto digital aap congress ntc

BJP is going to release its manifesto for MCD elections tomorrow. The party is going to make many big promises in this manifesto. The dream of Digital Delhi will also be shown and there will be emphasis on making next generation city. It is being told that Union Minister Piyush Goyal is going to be present in Delhi tomorrow. He has been called as the chief guest. Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta will also be present with him. The manifesto will be issued on their behalf only.

The most important thing in BJP’s manifesto is going to be ‘MYmcdapp’. Through this, there is a preparation to do 100 percent digitization of MCD. It is being told that the MCD will be 100% mobile and the facility of complaint redressal will also be there. In simple words, the work of MCD will be made paperless on a large scale. There is talk of launching MYmcdapp while promoting Digital India. Apart from this, there is going to be an emphasis on making Delhi a green and sustainable city in the midst of increasing pollution.

What is in the Congress manifesto?

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By the way, a manifesto has also been issued by the Congress for this MCD election. The Congress said that all pending house taxes would be waived off. Further house tax will be reduced to half. No house tax will have to be paid in the villages. Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) President Chaudhary Anil Kumar said that house tax is a burden on the people of Delhi. There is also a lot of corruption in it.

All information of MCD election

Let us inform that voting is to be held on December 4 for the Municipal Corporation elections in Delhi. The results will come on 7 December. This time there are 250 wards, because now all the three municipal corporations have become one. In 2012, the Municipal Corporation was divided into three parts and a total of 272 wards were created. But the Modi government has again united all three. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has 250 seats. Of these, 42 seats have been reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC). While 50 percent seats will be reserved for women as well.

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