massive fire broke out in Bhagirath Palace Electronic Market in Old Delhi ntc

A massive fire broke out in the Bhagirath Palace Electronic Market in Old Delhi. After the incident, 15 to 17 fire engines have reached the spot and are trying to control the fire. Due to the narrow streets in the area, the fire brigade is facing difficulty.

This whole market is of electronic goods. There was chaos after the incident. Smoke is being seen on the spot. It is said that soon the fire caught fire and electronic goods started burning. It is visible from a distance that the entire area is engulfed in flames.

The merchant class is reaching the spot. Efforts are being made to control the fire as soon as possible. Due to the narrow streets around, the fire brigade teams are facing difficulty in reaching. There is a possibility of further spread of flames in this area. Pictures from inside the market have come to the fore. Incidents of fire keep coming up in Delhi from time to time, due to which questions arise regarding fire safety.

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This fire is so fierce that more fire engines can be called. The fire is very fierce. Electronics work here. The fire of the surrounding building is seen raging. Shops also close at this time.

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