If you want to become pregnant then keep these things in mind

Being a mother is the biggest joy of life for every woman, but due to today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle, many times women find it difficult to conceive. Sometimes waiting to get pregnant can be very stressful. But if you plan your pregnancy properly and take care of small things, then the baby’s cry can echo in your house as soon as possible. In this article, we are giving you information about some of the methods told by the doctors which will help you to conceive quickly.

Here we are not telling you about any diet or recipe that will speed up your pregnancy process, but in fact there are some biological factors behind pregnancy, by paying attention to which you can increase your chances of pregnancy and get pregnant soon. Can only be pregnant.

1. Pay attention to your period cycle

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To get pregnant, women first need to understand their menstrual cycle so that the sperm meets the egg at the ideal time and a healthy baby is born. Gynecologists tell that the time of ovulation in a normal period cycle is usually between the 13th to the 18th day of the period cycle.

This is the most fertile period in terms of pregnancy. During this, if a couple makes a relationship, then the chance of pregnancy is 99 percent. Although it is not easy to know its best time, but with the help of various online apps, ovulation can now be tracked. Women can check this by purchasing an ovulation test kit from any of their nearest medical stores.

2. Keep these things in mind during intercourse
Apart from ovulation, the most important thing is that after sex, the couple should not immediately go to the washroom to take a bath. While planning for pregnancy, also keep in mind that during this time nothing related to contraceptives is being used by either of you. At the same time, doctors also advise not to use any oil or cream during sex for pregnancy.

3. Take Folic Acid Pills
The third way for women to get pregnant quickly is to start taking folic acid pills three months before planning pregnancy because it increases their chances of pregnancy. Along with increasing ovulation, fertilization, folic acid pills also help in the development of the fetus. These small pills are very helpful in fulfilling the desire of women to have a child. However, you should consume these pills only after checking with a doctor.

4. Do take the help of a doctor
Many times, even after trying all the methods, women take time or have difficulty in getting pregnant. In this situation, a doctor’s examination is necessary. If a woman is going through any medical condition like menstrual irregularities, white discharge, TB disease or abdominal surgery, then in this situation she should consult a doctor or specialist who can help her in planning her pregnancy in a better way. Is.

5. Regular Medical Checkups

Doctors often advise women planning pregnancy to get their hormones checked and hysterosalpingography done during their menstrual cycle to know the capacity of their fallopian tubes. Hysterosalpingography is a procedure in which a telescope is inserted into the uterus through the uterus to examine the uterus. Since the fallopian tubes are essential for fertilization, any infection or abdominal surgery can affect pregnancy. It is important for the fallopian tubes to be healthy because fertilization takes place there only.

6. For pregnancy, it is necessary for the father to be healthy along with the mother.
Doctors say that for a healthy pregnancy and child birth, it is necessary for not only the woman but also the man to be completely healthy. It is also necessary for pregnancy that the man’s semen (semen) should be normal and healthy. If there is a hydrocele in the semen, then he should consult a specialist as soon as possible. Hydrocele is a kind of disease in which fluid starts accumulating in the testicles of men, which does not cause pain or any problem, but due to this, there can be problems in sexual relations in the future and it is also the reason for infertility.

Apart from this, if a couple is planning for a child, then both of them should also keep their lifestyle healthy. They should take healthy diet and exercise daily. Apart from this, they should completely give up smoking, alcohol and all kinds of intoxication because it affects the quality of sperm.

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