If a woman can plant a field with a child, then why not on the ramp? Know- who is this model, who became a hit from this show

Ramps, lights, beautiful models come in front of the eyes as soon as we imagine a fashion show. The bodies of the models walking on the ramp in a traditional manner in different dresses are also molded in a frame. At the same time, a model who appeared in a tribal fashion show surprised everyone when people saw that she had a small child in her hands. The name of this model is Alisha Gautam Oraon, who wrapped her milk-faced child in a white cloth with herself. Alisha has been modeling for many years, but this one show of hers became special. aajtak.in spoke to Alisha and asked about her reason for coming on the ramp with her baby and about her. Let’s know what he told.

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