How did Mahsa Amini die? Mahsa Amini was not killed Iran minister on death of 22 year old death in custody NTC

Since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody on September 16 in Iran, there have been continuous demonstrations in the country. Mahsa was arrested for not following hijab rules properly. But his death in police custody gave birth to a new movement against Iran. The Iranian government is being accused of killing Mahsa Amini. In such a situation, a minister of the Government of Iran has given a statement on the death of Mehsa.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri, who is visiting India, has said that Mahsa Amini was not killed. He defended his government in this matter and said that Mahsa had died.

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Bagheri has put the western countries in the dock regarding these protests happening in Iran. He blamed Western countries for making fabricated allegations against Iran regarding the death of Mahsa Amini and creating an atmosphere against Iran.

He said, Mahsa Amini was not killed. He had died. We have seen the atmosphere created by some western media regarding the demonstrations taking place in Iran. This is baseless and misleading. We are seeing how these western forces are violating the rights of Iran.

He said, Western countries do not talk about the people of Afghanistan, Palestine or Yemen. They do not condemn the conditions there.

Let us tell you that this fire of protests started in Iran against Hijab spread to many countries around the world and people came out in open against Hijab. Mahsa Amini was considered the wind of this movement and Iran was condemned on the global stage against her murder in police custody.

It may be known that Amini died in police custody on 16 September. The police arrested him on 13 September. It was alleged that Amini did not wear the hijab properly in Tehran, whereas it is necessary to wear hijab in Iran. Amini was arrested and taken to the police station. When her health deteriorated there, Amini was taken to the hospital. Three days later the news came that he had died.

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