How are private photos and videos leaked from the phone? Do not make these mistakes even by mistake – How Private Photo Video Leak from smartphone how to be safe and secure ttec

Private Photo Leak: Leaking of private photos from the phone is not a problem. In the past too, there have been reports of private photos being leaked from phones. Even after having security in the phone, videos and photos get leaked from the mobile. There can be many reasons for this.

We will discuss those reasons here and try to know what you can do to avoid photo-video leaking from the phone. The first reason is quite common and does not require any technical knowledge.

If you have sent your private photo to someone and he transfers it to someone else, then the photos can be leaked. Apart from this, if someone has got access to your phone, then he can also transfer the photo-video in his phone and leak the file.

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In such a situation, it would be better to keep your mobile locked. Apart from this, do not send your private image to anyone. But, photos or videos can be leaked for other reasons as well. However, this requires technical knowledge.

Be careful with third party apps

Third party malicious apps also play an important role in photo-video leaks. There are many such malicious or virus apps that take many types of permissions from you. With this, these apps also get access to your files. These files are uploaded to the remote server. From where scammers sell these files to third parties and your image gets leaked.

In such a situation, it is important that you always install any app from the official App Store. Before installing the app, definitely check its review. An app made from a third party app store or website may contain a virus.

Apart from this, the photo or video of the target can also be accessed by using social engineering. In this, people are trapped by using social techniques. With this, hackers get the user’s account and password.

Data leak can also happen from cloud drive

They use it to access photos or documents stored on cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox. To avoid this, never fill your details on phishing website, be careful of unknown links found on social media or WhatsApp.

Hackers also target people through spyware. Spyware i.e. spying software accesses the entire data of your phone. This also includes photos and videos. Through this, hackers blackmail the target or leak it.

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