Hindi Jokes: When a beggar reached 5 star hotel with 100 note, then something like this happened… – Funny Jokes in hindi beggar viral joke 5 Star Hotel latest viral memes chutkule lbs

> One day the husband made his wife taste wine.
Wife – This is very bitter.
Husband – So what did you think that I do debauchery…. I drink sips of poison, of poison.

> Once Chinti was going somewhere sitting in an auto.
After a while he took his one leg out of the auto.
The auto driver said – Madam, put your feet inside.
Chinti replied – You shut up, I want to kick the elephant, it had winked at me yesterday.

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> Teacher- Do you know everything about birds??
Sachin – yes
Teacher- Well tell me which bird cannot fly?
Sachin – The dead bird.

> A beggar got 100 note
He went to a five star hotel and ate a lot
A bill of 1500 rupees came, he told the manager, there is no money
manager handed over to police
The beggar gave 100 note to the police, and got away
This is called…
Financial Management without MBA in India.

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