Girl live in relationship on rent partner refused to marry then committed suicide lcla

After living in a live-in in Moradabad, UP, the young man refused to marry, then the girl committed suicide by hanging herself. After getting information about this matter, the police reached the spot and took the dead body into custody and got it done for postmortem.

Police say that the boy’s marriage was fixed at some other place. Due to this the girl was in depression and she took this step. The case is being investigated.

According to information, the body of 24-year-old girl Kajal was found hanging two days ago in a rented room in Moradabad. When the neighbors felt foul smell, the information was given to the police.

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After the information, the police reached the spot and opened the gate and took the dead body into custody. The police started investigating the matter and conducted the post-mortem of the dead body. In the post mortem report, the dead body was said to be two days old.

The truth came out after questioning the girl’s family

After investigation in this matter, the relatives of the girl were called. The family of the girl had raised suspicion on a boy. Police arrested a young man named Taresh on the basis of the girl’s mobile. During interrogation, it was found that Taresh and the girl were living in live-in for a long time.

The girl was doing computer course. It is being told that there was a rift between the girl and the young man regarding marriage, then the young man separated from the girl and there was talk of marrying another girl. Troubled by this, the girl committed suicide.

SSP said – Police has arrested the accused

Girl was living on rent in live in, partner refused to marry then committed suicide

SSP Hemraj Meena told that Taresh’s marriage was fixed elsewhere. After this there was some argument between the two. The deceased girl wanted to marry Taresh. The girl was in depression regarding this matter.

He said that there was a rift between the two regarding marriage and he took this step. The police arrested the accused Taresh and sent him to jail. The case is being investigated. Action will be taken on the basis of whatever facts come to the fore.

SSP Hemraj Meena said that the youth lived in the neighborhood of the girl. Both were in contact for a long time. The accused youth used to do some private business.

The girl’s brother said – the call was not received for four days, then there was doubt

The girl’s brother said that my sister was doing a computer course. Was calling her since three days, she was not picking up the phone. When she did not receive the call even on the fourth day, then inquired about her where she was living. Somehow his room came to know. She was living with a separate room for 1 month. In this matter, the police should investigate thoroughly and take action.

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